In film making, after generation occupations allow to exercises that happen after the motion picture has been shot.


A film is called a motion picture or movie, is a progression of still pictures which, when show on a screen, makes the quality of moving pictures because of the picture sensation. This optical fantasy causes the group of viewers to see different movement between independent articles saw quickly in progression. A film is made by shooting real scenes with a movie camera; by capturing drawings or smaller than usual models utilizing conventional movement strategies; by method for CGI and PC activity; or by a mix of some or these systems and other visual impacts. "Cinema" is regularly used to allow to the business of movies and film making or to the movement of filmmaking itself. The contemporary meaning of film is the specialty of scheduling thoughts, stories, recognitions, sentiments, excellence or climax by the method for recorded or customized moving pictures alongside other stimulations.


TV became available in 1920s. After World War II, an improved form in the United States and Britain, and TV sets got to be ordinary in homes, organizations, and foundations. Amid the 1950s, TV was the primary medium for impacting public opinion. [1] in the mid-1960s, color broadcasting TV was presented in the US and most other created nations. The accessibility of capacity media, for example, VHS tape (1976), DVDs (1997), and high definition Blue-ray Disks (2006) empowered viewers to watch recorded material, for example, films. At the end of the first decade of the 2000s, digital TV transmissions greatly increased in popularity.


Streaming media is sight and sound that is constantly received by and introduced to an end-user while being delivered by provider


  •  Live streaming


                 Which refers to content delivered live over the Internet, requires a type of source media (e.g. a camera, a sound interface, screen catch programming), an encoder to digitize the content, a media distributer, and content delivery network to distribute and deliver content