The Very Basics of HTML for SEO

SEO is not the key that drives your business but it is the input that goes inside SEO which drives it because you cannot control search engines but can certainly control what goes into your website starting from coding to the launch of your website. So here we tell you some basics of what HTML is, how does it help and all about the wonder HTML code snippets.

  1. Title Tag of your page: There are many websites that use the same title and hence it is difficult to know what the exact content in there. HTML titles play a role here as search engines use HTML signals are the most used by search engines to know and understand what is in the page. Hence, you need to know what each page will be searched for and then think of keywords which will help in crafting unique and descriptive titles for your page. Have only one title tag per each page. Make a natural choice rather than continuing the regular choice of keywords.
  2. Meta Description tag: It helps you to suggest ow you would want your website to be described in the search list. It helps in display of your website in the top list which contributes to your success. It contains keywords in bold that are most searched. So, a good Meta description tag can help in getting more clicks. It is basically a facility from google which displays a few lines from your page that helps the users to choose to click. So, invest time to decide what goes in there.
  3. Heading tags: Search engines use header tags as clues to know what the page is about. Hence, it is important to have exacts words of the page in your heading tags which will increase your chances of showing up on the search list. But that does not mean that you put the whole paragraph there. Heading tags are a logical structuring of your page. Use H1 tag for your main headline and H2 tags for subheadings. Grab complete knowhow about the HTML code snippets as well.
  4. Anchor text: If you have links in your page that connect to another website, it is called anchor link and the content in that link is the anchor text which plays an important role as search engines also look for those to get a clarity of the content in your page. So these should be natural and useful.